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Choreographic Dwellings
Practising Place

Edited by Gretchen Schiller, Sarah Rubidge
Palgrave Macmillan,
240 p.

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Choreographic Dwellings : Practising Place extends the notion of the choreographic by highlighting the experiential condition of contemporary performance projects which enact place as action. It describes the kinaesthetic as a topological condition of choreographic dwelling where body-environment interactions produce platial efforts through their physical enactment of place place. The book simultaneously challenges and embraces discussions of embodiment from philosophy, geography and psychology, shifting the attention from the dancer, dance and dancing to that of the dynamic architectures of affect, agency and affordance. This paradigmatic shift in thinking the choreographic is brought to life in this collection with writings from artist-scholars and movement practitioners from dance, music, performance, urban studies, circus, interaction design and Parkour.